Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Best Book Summaries Ever!

Love to read great books but do not have time ? Looking for place to have great summaries of great books presented in video presentation form and also in PDF and MP3?  I can recommend you BrianJohnson. Check him  out here Optimize Living.

I have been following him now for sometimes. It a great resource for how to Optimize your Life. Basically, He reads so much of great books and help to summarize with 5 key great take aways. I found it so great.  He shaees it through videos, PDF and even MP3. The topics cover is very wide and mostly of how to help you become great. Now more than 200 books he covered.

His programs now furher advance with various great classes ; Master Class , Micro Class and interviews with the great Authors. I strongly recommend it to you!

The inverstment is very minimum as compared to great lessons you gain. At just USD10 per month to have all the access.

All the best.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

My No.1 Sales Blog

Want to learn A to Z about Selling Skills? Do not know where the best website to go? Looking for sales insights on daily basis and for Free? I recommendThis Expert . S. Anthony Iannarina is the writer of this website. I considered him a rare Sales Expert. He writes his blog daily. If you can read his background you will be impressed. What I like most about him is that he create so much value to his readers. That really a character of a great sales professional : creating value. He share also almost every knowledge he knows abou sellings for free and he writes daily. Accoding to him, he starts writing daily very early around 5 am.

You can learn almost every thing about selling ; from prospecting until time management. He also recommends a lot of good books, apps and websites that are very useful to those in selling.

To all my friends, do not miss this website . Eventhough you are not in Selling .