Friday, January 29, 2016

My Favourite You Tube Personality

Are you consistently searching for ideas on how to improve your life? Is You Tube one of your resources for great ideas? Can you trust the person sharing the ideas? i.e are they credible?

I am a strong fan, if not fanatic , of the world of Personal Development. One of resources is of course Youtube. Are they reliable? Before I follow that perticular youtube, I will review as many as I could their posts. Currently I have so many of personal development Youtube  I like. Can check my FB too on this. A lot of link there. My top one is Tai Lopez. Some people say he is a Scam. That not important. This guy is superb. A lot of insights you can learn from him. He is full of wisdom because he reads one book a day. Sometimes he is sharing some ideas on how his friends making million dollar a day! Is not that great?! That why people say he is a scam... I  do not think so. Most important he has a lot of great insight. He is very positive. We need to hang out with this kind of people. They open up my mind for new possibilities.

Check out his YouTube here ,

Saturday, January 23, 2016

How To Make Your New Habit Stick?

Ever wonder how to make your new habit stick? Are there any effective ways to track your habits? And how to make tracking of a new habit fun?

Developing a new good habit is not easy. But developing a bad one is easy :) ! 
Do not worry, I am helping you develop  a good habit here.

The way ro develop a new habit is not that difficult actually ; if you know the tricks.
1. You must track the new habit you want to install in your life.
2. You must have proper tracking system.
3. Have a Trigger.
4. Do it at specific time everyday.

Lets go in detail....
1. You must track the habit you want to develop. Eg of new habit may be wake up early at 5 :30 am daily or doing daily planning every morning before starting your day.

2. Proper Tracking System.
Last time I used  a note book as my Log System. It was manual. I drew a chart indicating the habit I wanted to develop and every nite bofore went to sleep, I put mark '/' if and 'x' not done. Do this very day. Now, I am using Apps " GoalTracker " installed in my iphone. Very easy now day to track my habit. Actually there are a lot Apps out there up you can choose.

3. Have a Trigger.  Trigger is just a like reminder. Eg, you can set alarm or reminder in your smart phone at specific time for you to do certain habit ... Time to take your supplement. One of my friends, set a reminder for every 3 hours to remind him to drink plain water. Another examples of triggers; get your running shoes / running gears ready by your bed side ( if you want to develop running as your new habit) or put book ready on your table the nite before go to sleep if you want to develop reading habit in early morning.

4. Do it at specific time. Eg, take supplement after breakfast. Take a break at 10:30 am. Read 5 verses of Quran after Magrib prayer etc. If you do it at specific time everyday, the chances of habit installation is great.

I wish you luck and what is one habit you want to develop now? Go For it! and share with me how it goes...