Friday, January 6, 2017

The School of Greatness

This is a great book. The title really delivers its title. It is a compilations of great lessons or wisdoms from successful people. There are three key points I want to implement . They are ;

1.       Cultivate A Champion’s Mindset

2.       Develop Hustle

3.       Build A Winning Team

1.Cultivate A Champion’s Mindset

Power of  Visualization. All Champions use visualization technique in one way or another to their advantage. In big or small event, they visualize the event in great detail before actual event happens.

Do it more often, very details , involve all senses. I will not skip this routine.

15-second Centering Breathing. This is another secret of great achievers. Breath well ;5-2-8. Do not forget to breath deep. Especially when under stress.

2. Develop Hustle

What it means is work damn hard. Get out from comfort zone. Face the fear. Stretch your self.

Do what others are not willing to do. It is about progression ; step by step.  Incremental daily progression.

The areas that I need to Hustle with ; my body, my mindset, my relationship and my skills.

3.Build A Winning Team

Define my team culture / values; what it should be ?

Only surround myself with the people with the correct culture / mindset/value you want. The rest need to leave.

Create a Mastermind group.

Get a right coach and mentor.
See you next week with another great book.