Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Top 10 Favourite Books For 2016

Gratefully I had accomplished my dream to read xx numbers of books in 2016. Thanks to my discovery of  Kindle apps that allow me to buy and read books more easily nowadays. Easily in 2016, on average I had read more than 4 books in a month. This experience really has significant impact in my life.  Would like to share here top 10 of my favourites . I strongly encourage you to find these books and you will glad you did.
Happy New Year Everyone! 

[ Credit to my daughter ; Najma, for these book photos ]

Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Most Effective Ways To Live Longer

This is a great book on health which I highly recommend.
Based on my small research about the author, this is a trusted resources. He had written a lot about health.

My first takeaway ; 4 Fights

1. Fight Against Free Radicals
   Supplements to take : Vit C, E, Zinc and Selenium
   Eat Fruits, Vege (Ulam), Nuts and Raisins.
   Take Fish Oil
   Avoid Sugar.
   Drink Green Tea at nite.

2. Fight against Inflamation
   Supplements : Fish oil
   Fruits and Vege (ulam)

3. Fight against Glycation
   Avoid sugar; it clogging your blood stream

4. Fight against Stress
   Be aware about what going on in my brain when facing stress situation.
   All those hormones ; cortisol . endorphine etc.
   Do deep breathing

Seven Pillars of Longevity
1. Food
2. Supplements
3. Detox
4. Exercise
5. Sleep
6. Stress Reduction
7.  Emotional Intelligence.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

How To Predict Your Success

Your success is determined by your daily habits. What you on the consistent basis will shape your outcome. I am a strong believer in this idea. However, what are the habits you need to develop? Very interesting and powerful question. Just do you own thinking or researching the successful people you want to emulate and get the ideas from them. Read books and watch this YouTube. I am glad our great master Robin Sharma just recently produce a great video on this topic. These are the great rituals to start. Enjoy.

Friday, December 9, 2016

2017 Is Coming

I know it is not time to celebrate New Year yet! But the new 2017 is coming very soon. It is the right time to start thinking and reflecting about our life moving forward. Grab pen and journal and start planning about your life. Time to reflect; what went right and what not?
What are the five key areas of your life? for me ; Religion, Health, Family, Career and Wealth. For you may be different. How are you doing for each part of that life? What you want to continue? What to stop? What to minimize and What to start?
What are your career mantra for 2017? How many books you want to read? What topics? for me, next year I want to flood my brain about financial knowledge. I am listing out minimum  25 books on this subject for me to read in 2017!
We need start thinking about next year now while finishing up this year with a blast.