Friday, October 28, 2016

How To Handle A Bad Day

Who never had a bad day? That is not important question. The most imporant question is how you deal with bad day? That will make a difference ! The great people and not so great one handle it differently. That what we want to learn. Let the expert do the talking .... Enjoy

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Three Selected Books For This Month

There are three subject matters that I want to master in a very new distance. They are Selling, Resilience and Storytelling. Why these topics? I believe these three skills are crucial for my career success. Best way for achieve this goal is through reading. And the best place to find great books are at The first book for the topic of selling is this one;

I have following this author for more than 2 years now and really wish he come out with a book. Finally he did and just published his first book this month. Those in sales, this book is a must and the title is as good as the content!.

Next one is Resilience which frankly I came across the idea to master this matter after listening to a podcast to one of my leadership guru ; Bregman when he interviewed one of experts in this Resilience topic. I surved the amazon and found that the content of this book is great. I put in the list as my next reading for this topic;

The last one is Storytelling. This skill is important especially if you are a Leaders. I also surveyed a lot of books on this topic and this one seems to stand out. Definitely will buy and read it one day.

Hope you will find these three books are of use to you. enjoy.
If you any other books that you would like to recommend me to read that relate to these three topics, please let me know. See you again.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Ritual Is The Key

Many of us want to develop new good habits but finding it very very difficult to stick. You cannot rely on will power. Will power, as many experts say, is just like your muscle; will become weak over time. The answer is find ways to create a ritual. From rituals it will become a habit. Rituals mean make a specific plan to do certain things that you want to make a habit at specific time for certain period of time. How to make rituals part of your daily practice ? Check this video out;

Friday, October 7, 2016

Keeping a Journal For Life Success

Writing a journal is one of the daily habits of successful people. Many of successful  people that I read about have this ritual. What so great about this habit? A lot, one of them its helps you to clarify your thinking. It also a way to express your feelings or emotion. It good to lash it out on paper than bashing it on other human beings. But what to write about? How to do it properly?  I leave it to the expert. Watch and enjoy this video;