Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Most Effective Ways To Live Longer

This is a great book on health which I highly recommend.
Based on my small research about the author, this is a trusted resources. He had written a lot about health.

My first takeaway ; 4 Fights

1. Fight Against Free Radicals
   Supplements to take : Vit C, E, Zinc and Selenium
   Eat Fruits, Vege (Ulam), Nuts and Raisins.
   Take Fish Oil
   Avoid Sugar.
   Drink Green Tea at nite.

2. Fight against Inflamation
   Supplements : Fish oil
   Fruits and Vege (ulam)

3. Fight against Glycation
   Avoid sugar; it clogging your blood stream

4. Fight against Stress
   Be aware about what going on in my brain when facing stress situation.
   All those hormones ; cortisol . endorphine etc.
   Do deep breathing

Seven Pillars of Longevity
1. Food
2. Supplements
3. Detox
4. Exercise
5. Sleep
6. Stress Reduction
7.  Emotional Intelligence.

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